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the girl soul

A picture of the girl and the sea

She stands-
feet placed firmly in the sand,
with a hand held to her head,
eyes fixed on some distant place,
a bright horizon,
some far off shore,
standing there,
eyes on the sea,
as the breeze,
tugs sweetly at the hem of her dress,
she breathes in sighs of regret,
felling the beating heart in her chest,
as her toes become wet,
by the ocean spray,
standing there day after day,
wasting away,
waiting for something-
brighter than,
her shade of grey.

She prays for the warmth-
of a softer day,
When her dress of red,
becomes a gown of white,
when the breeze releases the final tears-
from her eyes,
falling like the rain-
in the distant sky,
her horizon becomes-
waves of primary colors,
a rainbow in her quiet night.

until then she is a statue in the wind,
with her hand to her head,
holding out the light,
as she searches the sky’s,
and the distant sea,
looking for something,
better than what she sees..

Submitted by mysearchforwisdom